Beautify Bamboo Jewellery Box With Mirror

Bamboo Jewellery Box With Mirror

Bamboo Jewellery Box With Mirror by Beautify

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You’re a gem Keep your earrings, bracelets and necklaces organised and protected inside this boho style jewellery box with 3 compartments. With a linen cover and a bamboo lid, it’s got a definite earthy feel, making it perfect as part of our Novalja look. To see how your jewellery looks on, prop up the lid/mirror in the box base.Anti-Scratch LiningAlthough this box is suitable for all kinds of small items, it’s ideal for jewellery thanks to the soft faux suede lining. In a pop of pink, the fabric will help to prevent any scratches and damage, making it perfect for those precious pieces.Gorgeous Gift IdeaWhether you know a jewellery lover who’s always losing earrings or someone with a chaotic collection of charms, this jewellery box is a thoughtful gift. Plush and luxurious, it’s the perfect birthday, housewarming, Christmas or Mother’s Day gift.SKU: 4000118


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