Beautify Mock Croc Cabin Case

Mock Croc Cabin Case

Mock Croc Cabin Case by Beautify

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The cutest of carry-ons, this little case is compatible with most airline baggage restrictions (please double check this before flying) to make travel as easy and enjoyable as possible. Not just reserved for jetsetters, it’s great for boats, car boots and trains too!With 8 multidirectional wheels, there’s no need to carry any weight whatsoever. A simple push or pull in an upright position will send it wherever you need it to go. The handle can be used in 2 positions making it comfortable for people at different heights.Made from strong ABS with an anti-scratch finish, this case is designed to withstand the baggage handling process. With a zipped internal compartment and packing straps, the inside of this case is just as impressive as the outside.Gifting potential: considerableH55 x L37 x W20cmWeight: 2.5kgCapacity: 35L4000205


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