Beautify Relaxing Self Care Kit

Relaxing Self Care Kit

Relaxing Self Care Kit by Beautify

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Pamper yourself sillyThis self-care kit with 6 mini pamper goodies is made with the busy bee in mind and is a taster of all our standard size ranges also available at Beautify. Whether you need an excuse to chill out or you know someone who does, this set contains everything to experience some serious R&R.Face Masks Like a detox for your face, the Charcoal Face Mask is designed to help remove dirt, draw out toxins and control oil to leave you with a clean, fresh complexion. And Pink Clay is rich in silica known for its ability to improve cell renewal and elasticity in the skin. Whichever one you’re using, just apply the mask to clean, dry skin (being careful to avoid your lips and eyes), leave for 10-15 minutes and rinse off thoroughly.Illuminating Body Butter High in fatty acids and vitamins, the shea butter in this illuminating pack will hydrate skin leaving it supple and soothed. Just rub a small amount into the skin until it’s fully absorbed. It’ll also leave behind a sweet coconut and caramel scent, as well as a gentle shimmer. Relaxing Bath Salts Add these glistening minerals to your bath to help relieve stress, cleanse your skin and fill your bathroom with a gorgeous coconut and caramel fragrance. They will gently dissolve under warm running water.Bath Fizzer This fragrant ball of fun will take any bath from basic to beautiful. It includes skin-conditioning ingredients to help cleanse your skin as you bathe, not to mention releasing colours and scents as it dissolves.Scented Candle Your aromatherapy candle is designed to help you relax, feel calm and relieve stress, so you can enjoy your pampering session to the fullest. 4000137


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