Beautify Trifold LED Mirror

Trifold LED Mirror

Trifold LED Mirror by Beautify

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Illuminate your face with the Beautify Trifold LED Mirror. Whether it’s dark, poorly lit or uneven lighting it’s easy to flawlessly apply makeup using the LED mirror.Framed with 24 LED lights, adjust or dim the brightness to find the perfect lighting for applying your makeup. Controlled by a touch sensor at the base of the front mirror simply hold down to brighten or dim the lights.Foldable, rotatable and adjustable place and switch up the mirror to your preferred position. The magnified side panel is ideal for up-close beautifying like shaping eyebrows whilst the 180° rotation means it’s easy to view every angle of your face.On the GoControlled by either the plug-in USB or 4 X AA batteries (not included), you can decide whether to have the mirror in a fixed position, or make it totally portable.The contemporary black stand benefits from a moulded storage dish at the base an ideal place for keeping any loose jewellery or hair accessories.To assemble, simply push the mirror arm onto the base until it clicks into place. Full instructions for assembly and operation are included.For added protection, you can fold over the side panels to close the mirror when not in use.Mirror Size: 30 X 38.5 X 11.7cm (Height X Width X Depth)4010225


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